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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  January 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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breaking news on eyewitness news this morning fire inside of the shed killed a man overnight. live on scene in orlando asking investigators was started by a. >> 2 adults and 2 children were one woman in critical condition. we have the latest on the sparked the attack. >> awful story. another cold night over central florida, when you can expect warmer temperatures. >> summer. >> [laughter] good morning. 6 am. wednesday, january 20. >> we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. , deneige with the commute and someone who knows they are talking about, certified meteorologist brian shields. we will warm up a little bit. >> if you blink you will miss it. >> this weekend is going to be cold flat-out cold behind the front. this morning we had freeze warnings north and west of sanford and orlando. for good reason. the chill is with us. a look at counties to get into
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waterford lakes upper 30s 42 downtown orlando. 36 degrees winter park through independent over toward windemere apopka, 33 and 37 by fairbanks and winter park. by full sail. 27 in ocala, 32 freezing in the villages daytona beach 36 punk planet new smyrna beach, low 40s kissimmee and melbourne. jacket weather if the kids want to do hats and gloves especially if they have to wait for the bus. that is a good idea. a couple scattered clouds and the southern tier otherwise mostly sunny and it will be pretty nice this afternoon. 58 degrees at noon. here's a planner in sanford. you can see at 2:00 we will have 60s around so it will be milder than yesterday. highs today topping out in the mid-60s the coming up we will track more than temps -- more times county by county a big system was in friday and we will get into that big chill for this weekend. 6:01 am.
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>> looking good in both directions of i-4. checking cameras from volusia county and osceola county. turnpike southbound, a spot of construction before you hit osceola parkway. should be getting the cones out of the way but keep that in mind. a crash and kissimmee. bill back boulevard locking at least one lane working to find out from troopers if you will need an alternate. i will have the update in 10 minutes because following breaking news out of orange county investigators on the scene of a fatal fire. >> 2:00 this morning in a neighborhood near gatlin avenue between conway and someone will buy. eyewitness news this morning janai norman is live. it appears the fire started in a shed. >> reporter: a shed out back that has the open garage behind me. you can see a group of fire officials, police officer still talking. we watched the medical examiner pull up team minutes ago and have seen investigators going
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walking around back to where it appears the shed is. firefighters got the call for hours ago around 2:00 this morning. we have not been able to ask too many questions but we know at least one man died in the fire pit we are told he was out in his shed early this morning, possibly working in the shed when the fire started. unclear what may have started the fire at this point but you can see it is an active scene, 4 hours after he began. county homicide investigators were here and they tell me that they respond to any death investigation. when we get a chance we will ask fire officials questions about who the person is who died and what they were doing in the shed but it's worth mentioning it is cold. we will ask whether the shed has any electricity running to it and if it is possible may be a space heater without while he was in the shed. questions we will ask officials and work to get for 6:30.
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norman, eyewitness news this morning. developing this morning a woman in the hospital and she is critically hurt after 5 dogs attacked. >> unanswered questions about this this morning. about what caused the animals to maul 2 women and 2 children in an apartment kimberly eiten reports police are not saying who owns the dogs. >> reporter: officers are not telling us if they turned on the owner or who exactly they belonged to the police confirmed that officers had to the attack. it took gunfire to keep 5 dogs from killing 4 people in the sanford apartment complex. at least one of the victims is still in the hospital this critically hurt. 4 of the 5 dogs that put her there are dead killed when police opened fire to save 2
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>> hopefully she will be all right. >> reporter: neighbors inside stomach apartments say a family had just moved in to the 3rd floor home when the dogs attacked cameras were rolling yesterday afternoon as animal control officers led one of the dogs, the only surviving animal out of the building. they have yet to confirm the breed or who it belongs to. investigators say another woman and 2 boys were also hurt but will survive injuries. >> never knew there were dogs here. i hope for them, for a quick recovery. >> reporter: officers have not identified any of the victims we are asking police about that this morning. in sanford, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. investigators wanted to figure out what caused the house via the villages. look at this video. you can see the smoke coming out of the roof of the house on rainbow boulevard. northeast of us 441 it happened yesterday.
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said if anyone was hurt or me -- what may have caused the fire. when they release information we will bring it to you this morning palm bay police are hoping you can help them find a pair of arsonists who said 2 cars on fire as they driveway. take a look at this dramatic early saturday morning. you can see the suspects dousing a car and truck in block of grantor st., southeast. ran off. police say it appears one of the suspects may have been turned during the crime. we have posted surveillance video on the website so you can look. go to flash videos. state lawmakers are expected to talk about a plan to use tax dollars to help teachers bay student loans get one of the incentives will forgive up to $16,000 in loans for science, technology engineering and math teachers. the other proposal will extend the best and brightest scholarship program and that program is controversial because it relies on teachers sat or a ct scores for teacher bonuses. >> they come up with wonderful ideas but they cannot follow
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they do piecemeal things and throw money and new teachers that do well or a ct scores that do well but they are not helping education. >> local unions that we spoke with believe the state could spend that money better by focusing on wages. the orlando police department has release the name of a 28-year-old man who was shot and killed by officers. officers went to the courtney landing condominiums monday night for a well-being check and they say eric provost refused to put his gun down. they shot him. his gun turned out to be an airsoft bb gun. >> we heard the gunshots, everyone. >> he looked dead. and they checked him and i heard them say something like he's not breathing. >> police say provost father called them because he was concerned about him. provost was arrested earlier this month for stealing $88,000 from an unlocked atm. fdle is investigating the shooting and it is not connected to the earlier arrest.
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get the chance to start driving on the first section of the long-awaited will khiva parkway. the department of transportation plans to open the stretch from mount plymouth to state before 6 near camp challenge road at 10:00. construction started nearly 3 years ago and cause more than $25 million. the entire parkway when it is done it will be the first in electronic tolling. osceola county, st. cloud plan and zoning board approving a proposal for new develop near an eagles' nest. we told you neighbors fighting the prior -- glancing the bird decades. lally development wants to build 94 homes for the proposed eagle landing. according to plans, lally would seminole county they wildlife officials review the requirement to follow a new bear ordinance for residents who live east of i-4. officials review the plan. enforcement for those people will be suspended the requirement to secure trash and other bear options for people west of
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brett favre 7. cold weather has led manatees of volusia county to once again make their way to warmer waters. this is video of manatees gathering at blue springs state park monday more than 250 were counted arriving at the park to whether the cold snap in the warm springs. coalition for the homeless of central florida declared this a cold night and that means they did not turn anyone away who needed shelter from the chilly temperatures. getting blankets and pillows ready at facilities in central boulevard downtown orlando. >> we also gave out coats and gloves and scarves, hats and that is for clients as well as others on the street. >> visitors to the shelter were given blankets and allowed to keep them and the coalition is always asking for people to donate new blankets. >> so important especially now when temperatures are called. 6:09 am. brian with how cold it is.
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weekend. lots of changes putting together temperatures ahead for maine weather. we will get into the weekend but now cold enough for a lot of us. the villages 32, in the 30 sorrento mount dora eustis lake mack paisley lake katherine mineola 39 and 36 now in clermont bundle up. it will be nice this afternoon. cold now. 30s and 40s and seminole county. 40 longwood and sable point. send me temperatures we will pass them along in the next half-hour. more temperatures along to the next half-hour. finance twitter, instagram and post them on facebook as well. today 66 and plenty of sunshine throughout the day. a nice afternoon with the 60s. deland up to 64, comfortably cool. coming up, friday's storm system will move in and bring us a big chill by the weekend. 6:10 am deneige? . >> a few crashes starting and club -- volusia county. shall road, they have not --
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side but they are working to clear it out. this is causing a partial road block fortune road, troopers updated the location that says blocking part of fortune road. working to find out if you will need an alternate in the area. poinciana seminole street at monterey road, there is a crash that popped up. they have not said if it will block of your commute. >> one day makes a difference on the campaign trail. the big changes for the candidates and supporters from both heart attacks state audit what it is saying about the volusia county school district and how it handles staff.
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look at temperatures on the screen. according to brian shields we are experiencing one of the coldest mornings this winter. jimmy says the coldest since the ice age. >> you will need a coat. a full check of weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> orange county deputy say a man was running an illegal cockfighting ring. william deas arrested during a large bust yesterday. investigators say they found a fighting ring, education tools syringes and needles to inject drugs into the animals. this is the 2nd time deas has been arrested. the other time in 2010 yes orlando city planning board even a green light to developers to build homes on a piece of land along latest a road that was once home to a bombing range. the city did not allow development into bombs were cleaned up for 1943 world war ii bombing range. the city says the plane is a good one but people who live there are not sure they are worried private companies hired by the developer to clean up
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no one wants to live in a community where bombs are a concern. >> army corps of engineers cleared up other land in the area developer could not come to terms with the government on timing and scope of work. he wants the private company to do it and will bill the government later acting u.s. secretary of education was in orlando yesterday as an opportunity across america tour. john king junior visited valencia college and spoke with students, teachers and parents to talk about ways to keep college affordable and make sure students make it to graduation day. he will continue his toward pennsylvania and delaware david sweet pickles this money people in sumter and most of like a man counties have once again access to weather radios following an outage. >> national weather service in tampa says a transmitter was cut yesterday. the right to fix the issue last night. something similar happened this weekend during the big storms that hit central florida.
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that problem was because of the technical glitch picked agency says the phone circuit that supports the orlando transmitter failed but has been repaired. >> weather radios are a good source. this was a glitch in the phone line. >> national weather service in the just having more than one source of severe weather information including radio, television and the internet. >> in sarasota, cleanup efforts continue after 2 ef 2 tornadoes hit the area. 60 homes and businesses were damaged in the severe weather sarasota county officials say the damage estimates are under $12 million. 2 people were killed, 5 others hurt. the el nio season expected to last until april so we are likely to see more strong storms develop. this is what we saw this past weekend. brian you were here every step of the way. just a reminder that we need to take precautions. >> and we go back to the weather radio thing? >> people are talking about that. 2 glitches and one week.
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>> we are on television good have 2 sources. we have our weather app. it's not annoying. is an alerts tab at the bottom you can toggle on what warnings you want. for me i have tornado watches, warnings on. severe thunderstorm warnings i don't have freeze one is because i don't want to be woken up for that. plus i'm the weather man so i know. we have the app that is research wftv in your store. outside this morning, daytona beach. 36 winds out of the north -- west northwest at 5. which is in the 2nd 20s around the that's why we have a freeze warning close to a hard freeze in marion county. 27 below for several hours. close to that. we will monitor that, 32 in the villages, 41 in kissimmee, 39 winter park, winter garden apopka in orlando. it is cold and the wind chills just a little bit, frost that has been developing north and west of orlando.
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chill, 36. that is the real feel now toward melbourne. high clouds streaming in but as we go throughout the day with the mostly sunny skies and that will be a nice afternoon. 50 in noon winter park along park avenue and then we will see 60s mid 60s so it will be refreshing through the afternoon. at the time you see my friend tom terry. future track, we are working outdoors once we get past the next couple of hours, good stuff. rolling through the afternoon. mostly sunny conditions and temperatures. thursday we are looking nice after a chilly start. by the time we hit friday, friday morning, another line of rain and storms back in the gulf of mexico and will bring blizzard conditions to dc. the system pushes in late friday and that will bring another round of rain and storms and a big chill if not colder weather by the time we hit our weekend it lots of changes moving it.
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60s it they are chilly pit going over the never 66 today, mostly sunny and we bounce back a few low 60s most of us in the mid-60s today. tonight, chilly not as cold. a lot of mid 40s with a few 30s but that is going to be good enough with light winds in the northern zone apopka clermont to the north to see patchy frost developing. five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view, 74 tomorrow. great thursday. later friday, i show you the line of rain and storms moving in. some could be on the strong side. we will monitor that. 76 on friday but late in the day 80 percent chance of rain and storms and then the weekend, we clear out early saturday and we are flat-out cold. 56 is the high on saturday. saturday night emma more 20s and 30s in the forecast. 6:20 am. looking at a crash with deneige. >> 2 crashes in kissimmee right now. they are blocking parts of your commute. fortune road, testing court.
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it is causing a slowdown. poinciana san miguel st. poinciana san miguel st., monterey road, a partial roadblock on san miguel. i will let you know if you need alternate routes in 10 minutes. drivers you 7092 3 winter park and may will see detours of this week crews are replacing a concrete road surface with asphalt get started tomorrow all southbound lanes from lake avenue to leave road will be closed detours will be posted and the road should open again next monday. checkout details -- detours on police released a sketch of a suspect protests 71-year- old woman. the marking that will make him easier to identify. >> breaking news overnight, firefighters say a shed fire what we're finding from investigators about what started the fire. lake county fire chief says he has enough money to build
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6:24 am a boil water alert remains in effect this morning for the plantation bay subdivision in the now. flagler county deputies blame the problem and an active vandals them.
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water spigot at a subdivision and 400 get health and gallons of water spilled out greeting low-pressure. they could face felony charges. push fire chief is asking for more money the staff fire stations pitkin county has a $5 million to build stations but commissioners may need to consider a tax hike to pay for the 36 firefighters needed to staff the stations. the hope is that increased coverage will reduce insurance rates saving residents money. >> orange county man still in charges connected to a shooting that injured and innocent deputies arrested jerry brown earlier this month after a shooting on orange blossom trail. one of the bullets shattered the victims leg. a judge set bond and more than $25,000 yesterday. prosecutors want brown to stay the community. push developers are considering building a new hotel on the orlando sanford international airport. officials tell us they are in
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at a piece of land on airport boulevard leaders of the airport expect release details and next month board meeting. was orlando police are investigating dozens of car break-ins at hotels is a orlando international airport. last weekend officers responded to calls from ramada suites and staybridge suites and at least 56 people had cars broken into and one night. burglars smashed windows and stole stuff out of cars. was an eyesore will finally be torn down in ocoee. >> the new deal that was reached to build something new on this land. continuing to follow breaking news in orange county. a fatal early morning fire. what neighbors tell me about the man who lived at the home. morning. along the coast, 40 cocoa and lotus and we are dropping.
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6:30 am a live look at a neighborhood near gallon avenue boulevard in orlando where fire in a shed. janai norman is there. coming up a question she's asking is could the cold weather be connected to this could someone have gone in the shed for warmth. an update soon we start with weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige with the roads. let's get started with shields. away. another front friday and colder this weekend. morning. reason. north and west of orlando in sanford, let's show you counties. to use -- deland samsula the 30s. pearson, 32. debary lake helen temperatures around 35. gloves.
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27 in ocala, 32 in the villages, 41 in kissimmee. 41 in melbourne. a slight wind chill on top of those numbers. a few scattered clouds in southern zones high clouds around but later today, it is going to be gorgeous and comfortably cool. we will bounce up. here is a look at the planner. look at your screen. at lunchtime you want a light jacket or swisher. 58. 60s around from 2:00-4:00 today. in the low to mid 60s. it will feel pleasant this chilly. once the sun goes down. numbers. in. we will get into friday's storm system and what it means for 6:31 am. let's see how traffic is doing with deneige. >> a crash and kissimmee and skywitness 9 just got over the crash at fortune road at keston court. 2 westbound lanes, turn lanes and travel lanes blocked off
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you can see how slowly the traffic will move until they can get it cleared out. daytona beach, disabled vehicle blocking part of westbound u.s. 92 at i-4 eastbound. keep in mind while troopers are trying to help the driver, that will have a partial roadblock. nancy? breaking news in orange county firefighters are on scene of a fire in a shed that killed one person. >> this is unfolding along west of cimmaron boulevard. janai norman has been on the scene working to get more information from investigators unclear what started the fire. >> reporter: at this point we know fire started around 2 am this morning. 4.5 hours ago. in a shed behind this home with the open garage. 5110 is where we have seen a lot of investigators and fire officials this morning as they look into what caused the fire. will bring video on the scene earlier this morning. we know a man in his 50s or 60s
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the fire started. i know a lady who lives on the street and she was telling me she saw the ambulance taking him away and was hoping that was assigned he would be okay but we have confirmed he died. working to find out who the man is at the neighbor says he did live at the home with his wife and possibly a couple of other family members. at 6:00 i mentioned how cold it is this morning. brian has been tracking that is important because we will ask fire officials whether they think that was a factor. we will ask whether that shed has electricity and if they been involved. i will ask and work to get answers from fire officials as soon as they have one second to talk with us. norman, eyewitness news this morning. following breaking news out of orange county deputy say a industrial accident. the 7 on chesley dr., north of sand lake road earlier this
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released little information on this pick the crew got there on scene and working to figure out what happened. when we find out more details, we will bring it to you in the newscast. ocoee city officials and the owner of an abandoned gas station at a major intersection have now reached a deal to tear the eyesore down. the gas station sits on the corner of colonial and mcguire. the developer has filed for a demolition permit. in return he is asked the city to give them a partial release on a $2.8 million lanes surrounding his property. so he can acquire half an acre of the property to redevelop the land. >> we want the developer to build and we don't want him to run away what we wanted to do what is right for the corner. >> city officials tell us the building could be torn down within the next month or 2. we will ask investigators in orange county today if high school students were involved in a shooting. look at the bottom of the surveillance video. you can see a hand common frame with a gun and shoot at a group of people by the struck. this happen at the cisco pine
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not far from evans high school. investigators say they have not ruled out a possibility the students were involved. one person shot and investigators say he used that she is in stable condition. >> busy and scary state lawmakers may have than they thought. state economist drought up new predictions of how much the stable collecting taxes. those results will help legislators to drop the budget. if predictions are accurate lawmakers could have about $400 million less to spend this year. governor rick scott finally to protect patients from price gouging at hospitals we caught up with the governor yesterday during a visit to seminole county. he says he's met with several people across the state what got expensive medical bills for simple procedures. is pushing for a bill that would force hospitals to the display prices for routine procedures so patients know what they will pay for. >> we have to make sure in the state that agents can for the care they have an have good access and quality of care. >> scott says there are
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and senate to help and price punish medical institutions and those kinds of cases. kissimmee police are looking for a hit-and-run driver they say stopped first and then took off look at this video from the red light cameras advice street and john young parkway. please say early sunday morning said the driver of the ford explorer hit a truck. the driver and passenger passed out and cameras got the hit-and- run driver trying to open the doors. >> he tried both doors the driver side and the passenger side door and could not open them. fire department had to cut the doors to get the victims out. >> at this point police do not know if the driver was try to help the victims or do something else. the victim -- victims were rushed to the hospital. explorer is not cooperating with the investigation now i will not tell them who the driver's. investigators to find out if there's a connection between 2 mobile home fires. sides of orange blossom trail near john young parkway.
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were sleep but managed to get out. one had to be taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. agencies responded so they have not been able to tell us yet if developing this morning here from another american who was just returned home after the prisoner swap with iran. amir hekmati is a former marine held for more than 4 years in a prison where his family says he was tortured and forced to make a false confession video saying he was a cia spy. he was sentenced to death but he says he kept going for his fellow marines. >> i did not want to let my fellow marines down so i tried my best to keep my head up and upon me. some of which were very inhumane and unjust. >> the washington post reporter jason rezaian was also freed and is back in the u.s. a group of churches working on a homeless shelter with the city of daytona beach is also cities.
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candlelight vigil last night before the city council meeting in port orange they want to get the city to support safe harbor, homeless recovery center and shelter. the idea presented during a meeting over the last year trouble getting support from other cities. if you drive in downtown orlando, there are road closures you need to know about the periodic closures during the day and at night along church street until january 22. on washington street, until january to -- january 31. pine street and central boulevard until march 4. allowing crews to work on the i- 4 bridge stretching from church street to washington. construction on the bridge will also affect the parking lot under i-4 parking will still be available but officials say parts will close intermittently while crews work. we throw out a lot of day so you can always get updates on information you need on the i-4 project on our website go to slash i-4 ultimate. state audit will force changes and volusia county schools. the audit discovered the
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whether custodians are actually doing the work the district pays for. school officials say the contractors employ custodians need to manage their time. 6:38 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. . >> certified meteorologist brian shields in severe weather center 9. it is called. >> tracking the frosty start. pictures coming in. this sent in leesburg. frost covered car. thank you for sending in pictures this morning. here's a look at the temperatures. 30s around is broke winter park orlando temperatures and 30s to near 40s. toward orlando belair woods temperature 42, 40 in winter garden. and we get to seminole county lake marion heathrow checking in at 36 now. clearly the jacket weather. freezing point just dropping off a couple of degrees and the land. 32 and 35 debary daytona beach temperatures around 36. centimeter temperatures and we will passing along and frosty pictures on twitter instagram and facebook.
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more sunshine working in and 66 will be the high. coming up i will show you on future track fridays rain and storms and the huge drop-off in temperatures this weekend. 6:39 am deneige. >> still updating kissimmee crash that we have. fortune road at keston court. it is blocking 2 westbound lanes of fortune road. you can get through there but it will be slow while troopers try to clear out. i-4 westbound mile 111. this is west or east of sacks boulevard it is not appear to block anything on the commute on a form. the disabled vehicle, us 90 westbound at i-4 eastbound blocking one lane. jamie? automakers are watching a trend closely like the change for people getting drivers
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6:43 am developing volusia county we have a sketch of a man accused of attacking a 71- her dog. the lease and daytona beach shores released a sketch of the suspect yesterday. you can see the scar on the right side of his face. as we told you last week, please say a man hit the woman in the head and ran off the she told police he did not try to take anything searching for -- does not know why he attacked her. we posted the sketch an hour wftv facebook page. share with friends and help please make an arrest the a family matlen desperately hoping someone can help them find their son. 20-year-old john noss disappeared from his home in the middle of the night saturday. his family says he has asperger's syndrome. they think he may have taken a bus to philadelphia where he used to live. ucf is now raised more than
6:34 am
for the downtown campus big ucf says the $60 million project needs a total of $20 million in private donations, another 20 million coming from ucf officials hope the rest comes from the state. they had 2 weeks to come up with the rest of the money to meet the deadline to open the campus in 2018. oviedo fans of a restaurant are leaving their mark before the building is torn down. messages and signatures cover bricks of a townhouse restaurant which has been on broadway for decades but the building will come down at the department of transportation widens 434. town house one of 6 buildings being torn down for the project. which state lawmakers are discussing a bill that would please insurance requirements uber and lyft. a proposal for strikers to maintain car insurance quotes that accompanies and with specific coverage amount. the bill will require drivers to keep a copy of the insurance at all times in the car and
6:35 am
if you want to take a trip to cuba you can make the trip on a fairy. the global fairy company frs clipper vacations and ferry service. the new deal allows a company to expand ferry services into canada this year and then into cuba if the government approves the company did not say when it might happen. manatees back in the natural habitat and brevard county. >> they are probably cold they are healthy thanks to help from florida fish and wildlife that these are 2 released into port st. john yesterday. they were all orphaned when officials rescued them between 2013 and 2014 and rehabilitated them. experts will keep a close eye on them to make sure they are okay. i like his face. >> 6:46 am. i cannot believe it is going to get colder. >> remember in december a he -- we had 80s and 90s and now we have a winter and it will be colder this weekend. another system working in friday. a beautiful shot over lake yolo. downtown orlando, 39 degrees.
6:36 am
your pants. winds out of the north northwest 20s, 30s and 4047 cocoa beach, 36 clermont, 32 is freezing point in deland. cold enough. not a huge wind but enough for a wind chill this morning making it feel colder. 36 in orlando, melbourne palm bay. feels like 36 bit wear hats and gloves if they have to wait for the bus. wispy clouds are around. that will make for gorgeous pictures. send them in and i will pass them along. sunny through the day and winter springs in the afternoon, temperatures in the mid-60s. it is going to be pleasant if you work outdoors this afternoon. future track zooming through today, staying dry cloud-free later today. this is tomorrow. i want to show you what is next in gooding good -- looking good thursday by friday, friday morning, tracking rain and
6:37 am
this is going to bring blizzard conditions to the capital. this will work in later friday. another round of rain and possibility of stronger storms will give us a big chill by the weekend. cold on the water, 50s around for the water temperatures. 66 today, mostly sunny and nice afternoon. low 60s and a lot of us in the mid-60s for today. bouncing back. tonight, chilly, not as cold. 30s and a lot running in the mid-40s. goodenough with a light winds for patchy frost basically clermont apopka north and west a better chance of getting frost for tonight or at least another chance. five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view, tomorrow, it is going to be gorgeous after a chilly start. 74 but again going through the day especially in the 2nd half for friday, 80 percent chance of rain and storms as the next front arrives. in the 70s but that is going to cut us down this weekend.
6:38 am
saturday's highs in the 50s. just mid-50s. it is going to be chilly all saturday. saturday night, sunday morning, we will have 20s and 30s around and sunday, still staying cool, sundays high is running in the 50s. 6:49 am. an update with new information on the drive here is deneige. particular, fortune road at keston court, still a crash fortune road and kissimmee. keep that in mind you will be able to get through there but it will take it a couple extra minutes while troopers tract a clear that out. disabled vehicle westbound u.s. beach. and also volusia county i-4 westbound, at mile 111. saxon boulevard, troopers are try to clear the crash. should not cause any issues if you are trying to leave volusia county coming into seminole county the you can show you the camera here this is traffic coming into seminole county. eastbound and westbound is
6:39 am
breaking news now out of orange county it is they a man dead after an industrial accident. it happened on chancellor drive this morning. eyewitness news this morning kimberly eiten just got there at the business. the victim may have been caught in a machine. happened deputies are not saying at this point. asking. orange county sheriff's office still has at least 10 patrol cars parked off of chancellor drive outside the plant. deputies confirmed this morning one man is dead. calling this an industrial accident but again, what exactly happened inside this building they are not saying now. in the last 10 minutes as we been here, i have spoke with employees who have not been inside the building yet. we got here just at shift change they tell me this plant
6:40 am
and fruit packing plant. i asked if they heard from the manager or any other employees who were working at the time what happened and at this point they cannot say. we also tried to talk with managers here and they are telling us no comment. we watched as they moved the employees away from the building. it appeared they were asking them to get in their cars and leave. you can see the parking lot is empty. it is emptied out in the last 5- 10 minutes. we went back to managers and asked if the plant will be shut down for the day because of this accident and again they are not telling us anything. we are going to try to contact the corporate office to see begin get more information for you and i will update you at the top of the 7:00 hour. live in orange county, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. florida police are trying to solve a cold hearted crime. what happened to a puppy they say stolen to trade for drugs. >> staying on top of breaking news. a deadly fire in orange county. asking fire officials whether
6:41 am
factor. coming up at 7 am on eyewitness news is when, central florida's tv 27, port orange family home sold at auction over $1900 has to hoh the.
6:42 am
6:54 a.m. breaking news in orange county where deadly early morning fire took place. investigators are still looking what happened -- looking at what happened. we know the fire started in a shed. >> we've seen them going in and out of the open garage. it looks like they're starting to wrap up the scene. a man in his 50s or 60s was out in the shed and neighbor told me she's on ambulance leaving and thought it was a good sign that nobody was in sign. so far i have not released his name. we will be working to find out whether the cold weather may have been a factor. the battalion chief is standing
6:43 am
blame. we will have what he says on tv 27 on 7:00. eyewitness news this morning. also new this morning isis has reduced the oldest christian monastery in iraq to a field of rubble. overnight it was confirmed that the monastery has been completely wiped out. it served at the worship place for u.s. troops. 20 people and 40 people died -- 20 people died and 40 people were killed in an attack . the coast guard has suspended the search for 12 marines. they found life cracks -- life graphs but there was no indication that anybody has
6:44 am
republican front runner donald trump is hoping his latest endorsement will put him over the top in iowa. >> sarah palin announced her support. the new york daily news headline reads i'm with stupid. temperatures are rising is a new poll shows bernie sanders with the 27-point lead over clinton in new hampshire hillary clinton still has a double-digit lead nationally. non--- young adults are not getting drivers licenses the university of michigan found over 76% of people ages 20-24 have a driver's license.
6:45 am
nearly 92% of adults had a license. >> sky watchers will have a special treat. if you look up you will see five planets in the sky. they will be visible for about 45 minutes in sunrise. that's the first time it's happened. you will be able to see it every morning through february 20th. officials in largo are hoping a puppy will turn up from the store where it was stolen. >> this dog was used for trade for cash and crack. this is the moment a man stole a yorky. the pup was treated at a busy parking lot in the middle of the day. >> i was disgusted. i ranted on facebook that how drugs. >> police quickly found and junior barfield but there is no
6:46 am
there is -- there is even a $1000 reward offered for the person who returns the yorker -- the yorky. >> hopefully someone will find him. cold weather today and it's not going anywhere. >> for sure. even when we bounce out a little the way. 20s, 30s and 40s. it is cold. 32 and the land and 20's and very county and the five day forecast always in view. tomorrow up to 74. this afternoon is nice. 74 tomorrow and rain with another big chill moving in this weekend. i hope you have a great day and stay warm. 6:59 a.m. another crash popped up.
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